SA 15 /12 ab 21:00 Uhr

Hopp Schwiiz! 


Als ersten internationalen DJ präsentiert Technoklub "Manuel Fischer" aus Zürich. Er ist Resident im, in der Nähe der Langstraße beheimateten, Etablissement "Zukunft". 


Through his productions, Manuel Fischer makes breakbeat influenced house music. But that title can only be applied loosely. The depth and breadth of influences which flow into his sound result in a product full of undertones and subtle shades.
It’s an artistic ethos which the Zürich-based DJ and producer also applies to sets – blissfully careening from beat-less ambient textures to sugar-lacquered house with ease, to heavier darker jams, creating kinds of
slow-burning, fizzy euphorias.


Zukunft, Zürich


For those who know, stay low, stay underground!