SA 26 /01 ab 21:00 Uhr

Besuch aus Berlin


Heute bekommt der Technoklub besuch aus der deutschen Hauptstadt Berlin. Mit "Minco" kommt eine Resident DJane des international bekannten Clubs "Watergate". 

Support DJ ist TECHNOKLUB Resident "Alfonso Morning" welcher schon bei der Eröffnung des Buntergrundes spielte.


You would only have to watch MINCO play for about ten seconds to realize she is that sort of DJ that understands the artistry of playing records to channel an inherent enthusiasm for groove, sound and positive energy.
With a family tree rooted in Togo and Guinea in West Africa, she grew up in Berlin, taking in everything that’s soulful and rhythmic, be it R’n’B, New Jack Swing or Rap. She got into dancing, too. It wasn’t before travelling South Africa that she clicked with House Music and especially those branches that would incorporate the mythological vibe and the immediate body moving appeal of African rhythms.
At some point, dancing just wasn’t enough to serve the passion for the sound. Collecting records, dealing with mixing techniques and finally entering the DJ booth was just an evident proceeding of her penchant for the music. Thanks to her deeply felt sensitivity for the sound and her irresistible and energetic aura behind the decks, the word spread fast and international gigs followed quickly.
After teaming up with the RISE collective, THE Berlin based African House institution in 2016, she found an artistic home within a crew of musicians and DJs, bridging the cultural realms of the African continent, Europe and the rest of the world, holding residencies in Berlin’s club institution Watergate and touring all over Europa.


Watergate Berlin

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