Vienna Calling

SA 16/03 ab 21:00 Uhr

Minimal | Lo-Fi House

DJs: Daniel S.  (linked, Wien), Jokl (Stadtpark, Wien)

Daniel S. aka Schartmaier Toni spielte bereits Support für Raresh [a:rpia:r] oder gerade erst letzten Monat für Ion Ludwig. Zu uns reist er mit einer erlesenen Auswahl seiner Schallplattensammlung. Support gibt's wie gewohnt von Jokl.

Jokl was born in 1984 in Feldkirch, a small town situated in the triangle between Austria, Germany and Switzerland making it a lovely spot to hang out.
His main focus is on the beat, after teaming up with Markus Lindner they started their own parties in order to realise their visions. Various residences in eastern Austria have been continuously shaping Lampert’s sound and have made him more prone to the standard of quality he’s now skilfully maintaining throughout his sets, consisting of Techno and House.
Pushing boundaries, fighting commercial music and providing an alternative to mainstream are the standards he’s living up to as a Dj.